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  Blah blah, we all know what Minako means (I told you on the stats page people!) But how about Mina and other such junk? I'll add more as I get bored. Or you could help me.

MINNA:   From the Old German for "love" and Scottish for "mother." Relatives: Mina, Minette, Minetta, Minny, Minnie (a Scotttish form of Mary), Minda, Myna, Mindy. Namesakes: Minnie Pearl, "Minnie Mouse," "Mork and Mindy."
ARTEMIS:   Originally the Greek goddess of hunting and childbirth but now considered mascuine as well as feminine. Relatives: Artemus, Artie. Namesake: Artemus Ward.
Mina:  Loving memory.

  This girl's name is used in German, English, Japanese, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Siouan. Its source is a Siouan expression meaning "First-born daughter."
   Nicknames of the name Mina include: Minetta.
   The name Mina ranked 1029th in popularity for females of all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census.
Mina:   In Siouan language of North America it means first-born daughter. In Western languages, it is a nickname for Wilhelmina. The Japanese version of this name is represented by characters meaning ''Beautiful apple.'' In Korean, this name can mean ''Beautiful Me.''

Artemis:   This girl's name is used in English and Greek. It was the name of the Greek goddess of the moon, known to the Romans as Diana. She was also goddess of the hunt, and of chastity.
Artemis was one of the three virgin goddesses, along with Hestia, goddess of the hearth, and Athena, goddess of wisdom.

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